Monday, November 10, 2008

Parent Conference

I have to attend 2 parent conferences today in the school. One for Zu En and one for Zu Le.
The purpose of the conference is to review the progress made by Zu En and Zu Le and to discuss ways to help them in areas require improvements

I met with Mr. Ywasky, Zu En's social study teacher first because Zu En did not score well in this subject and went for detention class once. After talking to him and we both realized that Zu En is not good in asking for help when he faces problems in learning. Mr. Ywasky will pay more attention on Zu En to ensure he understands the instructions and help him to build his self-confidence. After the meeting, I went to see Ms. Maynard, Zu En's science teacher. As usual, she praised Zu En for his efforts and understanding for science. I believe Zu En can do much better in subjects that he is interested in and I am hopeful that he is benefiting from the good learning environment here.

I went to Elementary school after the meeting with Zu En's teachers. I was supposed to meet Mrs. Pratte and Mrs. Lynch at 2:20p.m. but I was a bit earlier so I went to see school's counselor Mrs. Foronda and was informed that she is going to adopt a Vietnamese girl named Minh Hanh. She said Zu Le did well in the announcement he made during the International Week.

The meeting with Mrs. Pratte, Mrs. Lynch and Mrs. Rollinson went well with very positive feedback from them that Zu Le is going very well in terms of studying, communicating, interacting etc. We are very pleased to know that our decision to let Zu Le staying back for another year in Elementary school is correct and beneficial to Zu Le.

I felt good after the meetings and I am very grateful and thankful to God for giving us this opportunity to experience the goodness in life and education in the this country. The best thing is, the education here is free, even for the bus ride.

Thank God for His wonderful blessing! 

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  1. 从Zu Le 在学习方面的进步,可以看到上帝全能的恩典。哈里路亚!!